Sunday, January 24, 2010

Handling a stressful commute...ideas???

Posted by C.Worring

I am a commuter! it the distance, the traffic? To me, it's the time it takes to get there!!!

Listen folks, when I worked in Chicago, my office was only 12 miles away, but the driving time was 45 minutes to an hour!  In the winter, it was 2 hours!  In a snowstorm, 3 or more!!!

Whether you commute by car, train, bus... including water are some ways I dealt with the commute to make it bearable:

*make sure you go to the restroom before leaving -very important (we forget this sometimes, I have)
*neck exercises-applies to driving mostly ( this is the only part of your body that you can move and stretch while driving)
*deep breathing ( be careful here, you don't want to hyperventilate)
*most importantly, have a "commuter pack" on hand
*music ( if using public transportation, your Ipod is great!, driving -Satellite radio!, music you enjoy hearing ...)

What is in a commuter pack?

*snacks (crackers, almonds, trail mix)...foods that are non-perishable
-people tend to get cranky when tired and stuck in traffic, having a snack available will help tremendously
*water ( I always have water in my trunk/ purse/glove compartment )
-it is very important to be hydrated
*your favorite CD
-need I say more...
*an extra set of headsets ( for your mobile ), just in case you loose your bluetooth
- I have lost my bluetooth several times, and since then, I always keep a set of these for emergencies
*I always have a small bottle of antiseptic hand sanitizer ( this really helps a lot, especially, when you feel light headed from too much traffic, noise, smells, etc-- a quick sniff of this takes away a headache temporarily...and of course helps with germs)

I am sure we are already aware of these...but it is just a reminder!  This helped me a lot and made my commute to work bearable and stress free.


  1. ...ha...ha... love the Commuter Pack!

  2. it's so funny that we do forget the obvious! I vote for the commuter pack!